Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends,Frank Noonan

I am pleased to present the 2009–2010 Honor Roll and Annual Report to Donors. Fundraising continues to be a challenge for many colleges and universities in this economic climate. At the same time, however, the gifts we receive go a long way to helping our students, faculty, programs, and facilities. To all of you who have given, thank you. To those of you who have thought about it, or who have thought what you do will not matter, I encourage you to read the stories of those whose generosity has had a meaningful impact on the greater UNH community. From a $20.10 gift to an endowed scholarship, private support does make a difference.

UNH Advancement has become even more robust by bringing University Communications and Marketing into the fold with the UNH Foundation and the Alumni Association. This gives us not only the opportunity to more strongly align our engagement, development, and communication goals, but also better prepares for the University’s next capital campaign.

Over the past year, President Huddleston has traveled around the country to talk about UNH in 2020—the University’s bold vision for the next 10 years. Alumni and friends in Florida, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. are excited about the direction and, like all of us who work closely with the University, are not intimidated by the nation’s economic circumstances. They, like us, believe public higher education must change in order to remain at the forefront of not only how we educate our students, but what they learn.

Each and every one of you has a story of success that is, in some small or big way, grounded in the education you received at the University of New Hampshire. What you learned here, no matter how long ago, has much to do with the visionaries of your time…the ones who believed that UNH could be more than a small agricultural college, the ones who believed that UNH students deserved the most well-rounded and balanced education taught by the finest faculty we could recruit. We hope that, over the next several years, you will see yourselves as visionaries for UNH, and help us achieve our goals for the next decade and beyond.

Thank you.

Frank Noonan ’64
Chair, UNH Foundation
Board of Directors