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Recent Match UP Partners

Jude Blake ’77
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Kathie Forbes ’69, University Registrar
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Jan Nisbet, Senior Vice Provost for Research
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David Steelman ’67, ’70G and Ginny Theo-Steelman ’62, ’69G
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Jan Nisbet and John Moeschler believe in UNH. As senior vice provost for research and a proud UNH parent, Jan Nisbet understands the importance of scholarship assistance to a diverse student body at UNH. That’s why she and her husband John, a Dartmouth Medical School professor who frequently collaborates with UNH faculty, seized a new opportunity to establish a scholarship endowment.  

Now you can do the same. Match UP: University Partners is a unique opportunity for donors to establish an endowed scholarship for $50,000. The impact of your gift will be doubled with funding provided by the University. This means a student will receive a $4,000 scholarship. Click here to learn how it works.

This is an unprecedented initiative with the potential to play a significant role in the future of the University. Financial aid is one of President Mark Huddleston’s top priorities, as the cost of a UNH education continues to climb, becoming more and more unattainable for many New Hampshire families.  

Scholarships reduce the burden of student loans.
While UNH graduates pay back their student loans at a rate significantly higher than the national average, those obligations not only affect students’ career choices and plans to further their education, they also impact their performance in school. Your contribution will provide support to highly qualified and deserving students who want to attend UNH but would be unable to without support.  Your gift also ensures that UNH graduates are able to pursue the careers that most fulfill them—careers that may not compensate as well as other fields, but that contribute to society.  

John and I want to recognize that we have been the recipients of generous private gifts and public financial aid for our undergraduate and graduate education, and also recognize the contribution of UNH to our family. I hope that others at UNH will see this as an opportunity to give back and to support an institution of higher education that has a deep commitment to excellent education, research and service.

—Jan Nisbet

Match UP: University Partners

Double the impact of your gift, in partnership with UNH.

For more information, please contact Morgan Dudley, Senior Director of Development for University Initiatives at 862-1662.


See how scholarships make a difference in this video from UNH Video.