Yes, Jane, That Ursula

Ursula DaleyA few years ago, a thank-you card for Ursula Daley ’93 was circulating through the UNH women’s studies department. Daley, a member of the program’s first graduating class, had long given to The UNH Fund, directing her gifts to women’s studies. When the card came to Jane Stapleton, a professor in the program since 1989, she had to pause. Mrs. Ursula Robinson Daley? she thought. The same Ursula who was part of a student group that recreated the 1842 Dover Mill Workers Strike and marched in down-town Dover? The same Ursula Daley who spent a year exchange studying with Barbara Epstein and Bettina Aptheker at UC Santa Cruz? That Ursula? Indeed, it was.

Today, that Ursula is a partner in a private wealth management firm, enRich, helping individuals plan their financial future. Last year, to assist her alma mater with its financial future, Daley established the first-ever endowed scholarship in women’s studies.

“The women’s studies program empowered me to achieve whatever I’ve hoped to accomplish,” she says. “The faculty gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, to keep me grounded in where I came from, and to believe in myself.”

On its website, enRich describes its investment philosophy: “A strong tree is only as good as the solid roots below the surface.” The same could be used to describe Daley’s connection to UNH. “Everything I do,” she says, “is directly tied to my experience at UNH.”